Are there benefits to exercising in the morning? Morning Classes at Fitbug Junction 6

What are the benefits of exercising in the morning? Is exercising in the morning good for you? Here’s a few reasons to say it is…

Everyday is different. Different scenario’s pop up, road blocks, business meetings, kids fall, spilt milk and the list goes on…  things happen… we call it life, life happens. Sometimes we come across stumbling blocks which get in the way of our interests or our daily plans. You can control some things in life, but not others and that’s ok. Below, I will write a list of things that you can control to improve your chances of getting to your favourite exercise classes while improving your daily life. Whatever you goal is, there is a solution to every problem. The very first thing you need to do, is pick a class that you would enjoy from our timetable right here at

Not sure what type of class you will like? No problem, you can find a description of each class here at

Exercising in the mornings has so many benefits. It does require an early alarm clock which may be a drawback but here’s some on the plus side! Initially, it may require you to go to bed earlier and you will need to be organised. You will need to have your gym gear and work clothing ready. There is no point waking up early to go to our Disco Spinning or Boxercise class if you have to run around the house looking for clothes. Being unorganised will hold you back from making full use of the early start.

So, what are some of the benefits? For a start there is very little traffic on the roads. Most people on the road at this hour are going to work, coming home from work or going to a fitness class. This is a super way to start the day on a positive note. Another bonus to mention is the fact that you can burn body fat as an energy source during an early morning session. If you are trying to lose weight or tone up, get yourself to a morning class at Fitbug in Junction 6, Castleknock. You will definitely feel energised going to work.

Why is this? This happens because the brain is awake for a while and it is fully alert, you have increased the heart rate, good endorphins have been released and your blood flow has improved as we circulate it around the body. These classes can also reduce stress levels. Do you have to get to work? You will be finished your class by 6.45am, you can have a shower on site and you will be gone to work in a flash….. AND you are still ahead of the rush hour traffic. How many hours do you spend sitting in rush hour traffic? I think that’s for another blog. So now you won’t have to deal with beating the traffic or deal with the panic and stress of making it to work on time, leaving you in a much more relaxed state of mind for the day ahead.

What’s next? Food…. Yep, you will have time to relax and enjoy your breakfast when you get close to your place of work. Most people eat breakfast in a hurry before leaving the house, to race for the train or bus or sit in a traffic jam completely stressed out.

Not sold yet? The boss will be impressed… By exercising in the morning, the brain functions much better, it’s more alert, much more focused and you will be much more productive. Are you a boss reading this? Perhaps you can send your staff to Fitbug for some early morning circuit training or Spinning? Did I mention that your sleep will improve while your energy levels will increase? Let’s think about that for a second… Sleep better + more energy = longer days…. Does that mean more time for living?

Are you in college or studying a particular subject? Your study time will be way more beneficial than before, concentration levels will improve and you are giving yourself a better chance of having your assignments completed on time… I have seen this happen with customers!! If you don’t believe me… TRY IT!

Here’s my favourite reason.. TIME!!

You may recall that I mentioned this already … Sleep better + more energy = longer days…. Does that mean more time for living?

You will now have the whole evenings to yourself, to spend time with family or friends. Exercising in the mornings will free you up to bring the kids to their activities, visit family or catch up on errands.   If you haven’t tried it, you don’t know what you are missing out on. I know there are people out there that it just doesn’t suit for 1 reason or another… but it’s the only time of the day that you have full control.

It’s you and the alarm clock… No traffic, no distractions, no surprise problems which can prevent you from getting to Fitbug. Try a morning Spinning class, try a morning Boxercise class, try a 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training on Monday morning or try our Power Hour circuit training and beat the rush hour panic.

If you want to attend a class…. Book in now, you will be amazed!! All of our classes are suitable for all levels and we are conveniently located in Junction 6 in Castleknock!

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