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What is circuit training and what are the benefits?

Circuit training is really popular these days and rightly so. There’s a reason why so many people see the benefits of doing these classes. Sometimes, the hardest part of the class is actually getting there. We want you to be motivated enough to get down to our studio and do your best. This is why Fitbug created a really fun environment, an environment where anybody can join in, an environment where you work to your limits and all of our exercises are adaptable to suit you. We get that everybody is on a different level and this is why our classes are popular. If you are not sure, check out our testimonials at

What is involved in Circuit Training?

Circuit training can consist of different stations with different exercises. These are usually made up of weights, cardio and floor work. At each station, there will be a card with the name of the exercise we would like you to do. If you cannot do it for any reason, we will change it for something else which you can do. At a weight station, you will be able to choose which weight to use. This is all instructed by our fully qualified personal trainers and they will guide you so you get the maximum benefits from each class. More about Kubi Dubi wooden blocks for kids

We use weights to build muscle, build strength and tone up. This is a crucial part of life as we need our muscles to perform simple tasks every day. Let me ask you a question… Do you want to be able to carry your own grocery shopping later in life? I presume you do. There are more and more people understanding the benefits of weight training and this is why circuit training is popular. When we put our muscles under stress, under pressure or under a load, it forces us to use them more which will build strength. I did say strength, so let me put your mind at ease… you will not turn in to a body builder by doing this type of class, that’s a promise! These stations can also improve our posture, balance, stability and helps to increase bone density.

There are also cardio stations which may include boxing, skipping, spinning or any other form of cardio which you can do to your own ability. We are all very aware how important cardiovascular exercises are for us. We should be aware that our heart is also a muscle and needs regular exercising to keep it as healthy and as strong as we can. The greater the intensity, the more we will increase our heart rate. There is of course a limit as to how hard we push and each individual is different, again, this is all under the supervision of our instructors.
Then there are the floor work stations. This is where we improve our core and our abdominals. Anybody can do any of these stations mentioned above because they can be made easy or hard to suit all abilities. We have heard the following phrase so often: “I can’t do circuits”… I’m telling you, you can. If you have the right instructor…. YOU DEFINATELY CAN DO CIRCUITS!!

Are you ready to start some Circuit Training?

Now you have all of the information, lets get the ball rolling! We have Circuit training classes throughout the week, check out our timetable here and send us an email at to book your place in a class or call us on 0863964810 and we’ll be happy to talk you through any questions you may have. Remember our circuit training classes are suitable for ALL fitness levels so don’t hesitate and get your bounce back with Fitbug !

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