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Boxercise is a full body workout. This is a non-contact fitness class where you can burn more calories in an hour than using a stair climber. By using your brain, arms, legs, core and many more muscles you will improve your cardiovascular system, improve speed and co-ordination, not to mention improving your movement and agility. This is not a boxing club, it is a fitness class. You will also be surprised how fast you get the work done while having a giggle…. Laughing is an essential part of our class.

Learning correct technique takes practice and good instruction. Soon, you will be comfortable with these new techniques which will allow you to punch faster burning even more calories. This can also be a huge stress reliever for many as you can really burn of some steam. Most clients who try this, come back for more. No experience is necessary as we teach everybody from the beginning.

NB: We have installed a spring loaded floor specifically to help absorb some of the impact on YOUR joints and muscles. Not all studios have this. It is essential that we protect our joints!!