Kids NEED to exercise FACT!

The importance of exercise for children

The importance of exercise for children shouldn’t be under estimated. We are at a cross roads, you can decide which way to go. The cross road represents exercise or technology. Exercise should win this battle every day of the week and here’s why.

Social: Your children will make new friends with the other participants. This encourages interaction with other kids of a similar age. This is a crucial part of life. As we know, some kids are quite shy and it can have an effect later in life. It’s fantastic to see them chat, giggling, joking together and really coming out of their shell.

Team work: This also moves in to the social aspect as they learn to move, run, and work together as a unit. This is again, a very big lesson in life as we know, many hands make light work and encourages togetherness.

Fitness: These classes will build up their cardiovascular system. The children see our classes as dancing and fun and so they should, however they are exercising which is crucial for them. Exercise of any form also helps to build up their muscles making them stronger as they grow up.

Weight management: There is a lot of poor quality food available on the shelves these days. Sometimes we get drawn in by the convenience of quick ready meals. I totally understand this as it happens in my life too. Its quite easy to lose track of how many of these meals we could have. Fast food is another easy way out, unfortunately these are normally full of oils, fats, grease or even salt. Portion size comes in to this bracket as well. The size of our plates has increased over the years, as a result, our meals have gotten bigger. Sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks are so cheap now, it is hard to ignore them although it is causing a huge rise in child obesity. What can be done to tackle some of these problems?

Energy: Kids have a lot of energy. Sometimes this is a build up from being in school, learning, focusing and concentrating. Just like adults, we all need to burn off some steam and kids are in no way different. Exercise classes are a fantastic way for them to release all of that energy before they go home for the night. This can benefit both the children and parents, which helps to have a fantastic relationship as there is not as much stress involved.

As I mentioned earlier, which direction will you choose for your children at the current set of cross roads? Exercise far outweighs technology for helping your children to live healthier, happier and fitter lives. Give them the opportunity to keep fit, build friendships, learn how to bond, be creative, burn energy, increase muscle and be a part of a group who have fun every week.

At Fitbug, we have programs for children from the ages of 4-14. We have Zumba kids for the 4 – 8 year olds and we are bringing disco dancing to our studio for the 8 – 14 year olds. These are both energy filled classes. The older group will learn how to disco dance, taught by a multiple competition winner. It is classes like these where they can really show case themselves and shake off any shyness they may have. We may even put on a few shows for the parents!

Please get in touch with us at or call Sinead on 086 396 4810 for more details on our children’s classes right here at Fitbug, Junction in Castleknock.

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