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Here at Fitbug, we are fully aware that some people want personal training but will not seek it. The reason being, they do not want to enter a gym.

Everybody is different with different needs, different fears, different phobias and are uncomfortable in certain environment’s…. At the end of the day, we are all individuals. Myself and Sinead decided to build a very private personal training studio. This is not in the middle of the floor with everybody else looking at you or others in the middle of doing a class… This is 1 to 1 with me in a separate room with enough equipment to get any results whether that is weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain or just to maintain your shape.

Some people use personal training as an escape from the rigours of everyday life, but its private and that’s what they want and like it. It works for them, it could for you!!

If you feel you could benefit from this studio, come in a view it for yourself. See it for yourself and you decide if it is for you. If it’s not for you…. That’s perfectly fine!!