//Strength and Conditioning Classes Dublin 15

Strength and Conditioning Classes Dublin 15

Strength and Conditioning Classes at Fitbug, Junction 6

We are super excited to be adding Strength and Conditioning classes to our timetable here at Fitbug! Strength and conditioning is a fantastic full body workout thought by our expert coaches. These classes last roughly 45 minutes and all of our classes are structured to suit all levels of abilities including beginners. We can scale it back or modify almost any exercise to suit you, likewise, if you really want to push your limits, we can do that in the same class. This class requires us to use equipment which we provide and show you how to do these exercises correctly. Some of the equipment may include Barbells, Kettlebells, dumb-bells, TRX straps, steps, bikes and more!

What are the benefits of a Strength and Conditioning class?

Let’s get straight in to it… Here’s some of the benefits and why!

Helps to develop better body mechanics
When we speak about body mechanics, we are referring to posture, the way we twist, turn or the way we bend over and back or side to side. Good body mechanics help to prevent injuries in everyday life such as walking around, lifting up or putting objects down. We can also improve our speed, agility and endurance levels. We are talking about daily activities. Lifting something as simple as a vacuum or our grocery shopping can cause an injury. Unfortunately, this often happens from weak muscles or bad posture. A strength and conditioning class can really help to prevent these mishaps.

Increases your energy levels
It is no secret that we feel so much better after exercising. This is due to the release of a group of hormones called endorphins. These hormones give us a positive feeling throughout our body. Have you ever noticed that you feel so much better after exercising? We also increase our energy levels by increasing our fitness levels. As we get fitter, we can lower our resting heart rate, improve our sleep pattern which in turn means we get a better quality of rest while using less energy to do certain activities.
I’d like to touch on your stress levels while we are on this point… During any given day, we can build up a huge amount of stress for many different reasons like traffic, work, meetings, dentist, kids and the list goes on. These exercises will help reduce your stress level by exerting so much energy on a particular exercise, you can almost feel the stress leaving.

Helps to build stronger bones and muscles
Exercise is crucial to building stronger bones and muscle. To do this, we must lift items which cause us to exert plenty of energy. This in turn increases bone and muscle mass. Strength and condition classes will help which reduces the chances of injury.

You’ll look leaner and fitter
How will I look leaner? By lifting weights, doing some cardio and eating good quality food, you are sure to burn plenty of calories and body fat. Did you know that you can burn calories up to 48 hours after weight training? This happens as your body works day and night to repair your muscles. This is one of the reasons clients choose this class for weight loss.

Helps to build a stronger heart
We can build a stronger heart from working it to it’s potential. Are you aware that the heart is a muscle? It also needs training just like the rest of your body. It is good for your heart to increase your limit over a period of time.

Strength and Conditioning classes now available at Fitbug Junction 6 , Castleknock

We offer Strength and Conditioning classes every Tuesday from 7:00am-7:45am and Fridays 9:45am-10:30am . So why not get in touch and try one of our classes, we guarantee you will have FUN along with getting fitter and leaner.. it’s a no brainer! The only thing you need to bring is plenty of water and a towel. You can check our our fantastic membership and class pass options here. If Strength and Conditioning classes aren’t for you check out our wide range of other fitness classes at Fitbug Junction 6 on our timetable.

For more information on our Strength and Conditioning classes you can contact us through the links below. We hope to see you soon 🙂
Info@Fitbug.ie 086 396 4810 or 086 1547199

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