Zumba kid’s fitness classes and why is it so important for children to exercise?

Zumba kid’s fitness classes and why is it so important for children to exercise?

Do you remember years ago, when you were a child? Let’s jog back for a few minutes. I’ll speak about myself and perhaps it will sound familiar. When I was somewhere between 6 and 15 years old, I remember having a very active life. I was always playing snooker or football, I ran and cycled, I climbed walls and tree’s. I fell and hurt myself numerous times, but I bounced up and got on with it. There was also hide & seek, tip chasing, rounders, relays, karate and basketball at the incredible height of about 3 feet tall. The list of things I did goes on, but life seems to be very different now.  I had my fair share of injuries. I’m sure I banged my head a few too many times which obviously isn’t ideal, but putting that to one side, it got me thinking the other day. I was extremely active as a youngster. Were you the same? Did you have plenty of things to do that kept you fit without realising you were keeping fit? What game did you play?

I guess technology has a huge influence on life. I’ve notice so many kids these days with phones, iPads and other gadgets which entertain them for a while. However, are these gadgets reducing their activity levels? I believe it is!!

Next time you are out, have a look around, observe what is happening. Let us know if you can see it too. It has become part of life. This, plus the easy availability of junk food has caused a rise in children’s obesity. How do we tackle it?

To help tackle it, we as adults must ensure the kids have enough weekly activities to keep them as healthy and fit as we can. We need to find a sport or exercise which they will enjoy and want to go to every week. It should become part of their week, make it a healthy habit.

From September 2018, Fitbug in Junction 6, Castleknock, Dublin 15 will have Zumba kids back on our timetable after a summer break. Unlike before, these will be running in blocks of 6 weeks. If your children like to dance, this is a great opportunity for them to exercise while having fun, playing some games and dancing to songs they know. It encourages learning, balance, quick movements, co-ordination, recognition and most importantly, they will have fun while keeping fit. At Fitbug, we feel it is crucial to give young children the chance to grow, exercise, learn and make friends in a class like this. Our summer camp was a brilliant success and so many of the children loved our Zumba. Those of you who brought your children to last year’s Zumba kids classes are aware of how good they were. Would you like to see some photo’s or video’s? Check out our gallery on our website www.fitbug.ie/gallery or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Fitbugjunction6 and press the “LIKE” button on our page to see future posts.

All of our staff at Fitbug, Junction 6, Castleknock are Garda vetted and we have toilets in our studio. The children are safe and secure at all times.

If you want your child or children to join a 6-week block of Zumba kids, get in touch as numbers will be limited. It is a first come first served basis.

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